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An Encouraging Word





"If the LORD delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey."  Numbers 14:8


In today's text, Israel was on the verge of going into their "promised land"; however, their faith was wavering because they chose to dwell on what they saw.They would not believe God's promises.   


The Israelites focused on the past and they forgot God's promises, His works, His faithfulness, and His provision.  Instead of faith, they were operating in fear.  Fear causes us to see things incorrectly which causes us to exaggerate our circumstances.  What are you exaggerating today?  Whatever it is… Stop It! 


You see, fear causes us to look for our own escape, but we must know that in the midst of our trial, God has provided a way of escape.  (1 Cor. 10:13)


I close with a story. There was a spy that was captured and sentenced to death by the General of the Army.  The general, a man of intelligence and compassion, had adopted a strange and unusual custom. He permitted the condemned person to make a choice. The prisoner could either face the firing squad or pass through the Black Door. The general ordered the spy to be brought before him for a short, final interview.  “What shall it be—the firing squad or the Black Door?”


The prisoner hesitated, but soon made it known that he preferred the firing squad to the unknown horrors that might await him behind the mysterious door. Not long thereafter, a shots in the courtyard announced that the grim sentence had been fulfilled. The general, staring at his boots, turned to his aide and said, “You see how it is with men; they will always prefer the known way to the unknown. It is characteristic of people to be afraid of the undefined. Yet I gave him his choice.” 


“What lies behind the Black Door?” asked the aide. “Freedom,” replied the general, “and I’ve known only a few brave enough to take it.” 


Today walk through the door, because God has something Big in store for you, if you will only believe! 






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